Asus VS247H-P LCD Observe Review: An Attractive Budget Choice


Asus VS247H-P

The Asus VS247H-P LCD monitor provides an outstanding display. This Asus model sports a bright, black, modern look with a round base & a forward-leaning arm.  The external power source allows the unit’s whole body to be thinner & to take up a little less space on your desktop.  I recently purchased this product that would allow me to take benefits of the more innovative CPU & design abilities. I purchased it for the LED backlight, 1920 resolution, 2ms response, & the greatest contrast ratio; didn’t for the size. It just occurred to be the only size I could get with those specifications.



Key Features of this Product ASUS VS247H-P

  • Brand new Slim & Stylish design; Built-in Power Adapter; VESA Mountable
  • Signal Input: HDMI, DVI-D, D-Sub,
  • Power ON: < 33W; Power Saving Mode and Power Off Mode: < 0.5W
  • Versatile watching positions with Smart View Technology
  • LED Backlight with 50,000,000:1 ASUS Smart Contrast Ratio; Full 1080P with HDMI; Response
  • Time: Two ms (Gray to Gray)


Product overview:

This Asus vs247h-p doesn’t come with speakers, but it comes with an earphone port situated next to it video ports in the rear. This earphone port is, to my knowledge, fed simply through HDMI if your video card facilitates the injection of sound along with the video it shows. There’s no way to control the sound for this port on the monitor. Generally when the OS finds HDMI sound it hinders sound controls & leaves in the rest of the sound control to the A/V recipient or end-device (TV, headphones, etc.). Therefore, the only way to control sound is via in-game/video-player/etc. configurations or on your headphone/speaker itself. It is optimized for the earphone sound configurations (not 7.1) & puts out more bass as well as making it possible for me to control the sound/volume via the OS.

In comparison to any other LCDs I’ve, this Asus vs247h-p has very little color distortions depending on different watching angles. The only time colors display recognizable change is when looking for a higher watching angle (not right, left, or below). Often, during a solid collared display, I think I see minimal light-bleed impact in some places, but lately I’ve not. It is very negligible & not recognizable at all during use.

My monitor came with hundred percent of the pixels working; not one single trapped. This was the vital factor I examined for when I obtained it. The 2ms reaction time is excellent. During the field where the Devastator comes together my sixty Hz TV was so leggy it was difficult to see all of the details; with this product I was capable to see every complex information of the automobiles linking together to type the Devastator. The display itself if very shiny, colors are vivid, & whites are white& not yellowed. I’ve been pleased with the default color configurations. It comes with 6 pre-programmed modes.

It is pretty thin & looks well built. The base is very simple to take on & off for transportation, but you might prefer to utilize a screw driver if you are OCD & the one to two degrees of possible revolving from only hand-tightening irritates you. The display sits level & does not lean at all one way. There’s an indent in the returning, probably mainly for warm dissipation, that I have been using as a handle-grip for moving to LAN parties. This seems to perform rather well, even if it isn’t designed to be used this way.



It has a very eye-catching simple design. The frame is thin, the stand appears sturdy. It’s pretty thin (but not razor thin), operates very cool, fantastic response time. I’ve not observed any bleeding around the sides – the backlighting appears very even. I like the invisible actual control buttons on the end right of the display (rather than touch based buttons). There’s a small dull orange light, when the monitor goes to sleep (in lieu of an annoying shiny blinking blue light like some other monitors).


As with all TNs, there’s some color shift when seen at an off-angle, but this is less recognizable than on other shows I’ve tried. I would choose that it did not say “HDMI” on the bottom left corner of the top side of it (not an eye sore or anything, just wish it was a detachable sticker rather than painted on).

I believed the VS247H-P was an excellent little LED Monitor & I really liked the image quality & its excellent features. You will find better-performing monitors on the market, but the this monitor is worth considering if price is an issue.

                                                          ASUS  VS247H-P

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